Video Ads for Games - Get User Friendly Ads that Pay Better.

Easy Implementation

Get started in less than ten minutes.
It's that easy.

Boost Revenue

Video Ads pay more and
are more convenient for the user

Global Reach

Monetize on all continents
(Incl. Asia & Latin America)

Increase Revenue

Our video ads run as the game is loading. This is less of an incovenience to the user, and advertisers are willing to pay a premium for this space. In fact, video ads pay 1-6 US dollars per 1000 views, depending on the location of the user.

With an international network of advertisers, we can secure a 99% fill rate. This allows you to monetize all users, even in Asia and Latin America.

A Smarter way of Advertising

Our video ads show while the game is loading and are thus much more convenient to users. We even customize the initial message complete with your game logo, to ensure the best possible user experience.

Ads are user-initiated and run for 30 seconds or less. After 15 seconds the user is able to close the ad window. All while the game is loading in the background.

See how it works in our showcase Facebook game

Easy Integration

Getting started couldn't be easier. No need to deal with tedious XML code. We provide you with a short ad tag, simply paste the code into your game and you are all set.

Our ad tags work with Facebook, Android, and iOS games.

Why not try it out? Sign up now and start monetizing in minutes.

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